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Passion | Whole Heart

Releasing this week is Passion’s new CD: Whole Heart. Stream some tunes to check it out or just go ahead and buy it now. Recorded live at Passion 2018, it doesn’t disappoint.

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Reverence Over Cool

Trip Lee explains why we should never elevate cool over reverence.

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Louie Giglio – Extravagant Worship

Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that Radical Grace always flips the script. Pastor Louie Giglio reminds us that although we won’t always feel like worshiping, and although there will be difficult times ahead, worship is ALWAYS the right response to a nail-pierced Jesus holding open the door to Heaven. In the final week of the …

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Paul Baloche – Christmas Offering (Live_

Paul Baloche – Christmas Offering performed live

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All My Hope is in Jesus – Crowder

Crowder performs All My Hope in Chattanooga, TN Preview (opens in a new window)

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God With Us – An Animation

Because the crucified and risen Jesus is God with us in the deepest trenches of our suffering, He is also the light of invincible hope within our darkest night. Music: “Within Our Darkest Night” by Taizé Community Choir Download Discussion Guide: Leader’s Guide: For more information about the work of Christopher Powers, please …

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