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Politics. An ugly word to most. But for those of us who live in America, it's the way we select our leadership. And it directly impacts our lives for better or for worse. Be informed. We'll help. But you decide.

Nov 05 2013

Leadership Lessons from an American Prisoner of War

Add perspective to your life by watching this message on leadership in extreme environments from Lee Ellis, a former POW and resident of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” where he and others endured torture and isolation.

Oct 18 2013

The Death of Truth and the Decline of Culture? Ravi Zacharias, Dennis Prager and Jeff Foxworthy Answer

The Death of Truth and the Decline of Culture

Oct 09 2013

Adoption & America: Voddie Baucham

Take eight minutes and listen to the wise words of Dr. Voddie Baucham, African-American pastor and father of eight kids–six of whom are adopted.

Jun 25 2013

The Harsh Realities of Persecution of Sudan

The Harsh Realities of Persecution of Sudan: Video from Greta Van Susteren and Franklin Graham

May 27 2013

Memorial Day Thanks for Those Who Have Died in Defense of the First Amendment

Take a moment and watch this brief video of actors in Colonial Williamsburg, VA re-enacting a discussion centering on the need for the founding fathers to ensure the government can not control religion, preaching, or the church.

Jan 25 2013

Andy Stanley Discusses Politics, the President, and the Pastorate

Our longtime friend Andy Stanley talks about preaching to the president at the Presidential Inauguration Service.

Sep 01 2012

It’s Saturday: We’re Putting Up the Flag

Our friend Curt Cloninger reflects on why he puts up the American flag, and the freedom it symbolizes.

Mar 13 2012

The Ballad of Never Was: A Fathers Regret

The Ballad of Never Was: An expression of regret from a man who gave up his son to an abortion.

Jun 08 2010

Ecological Catastrophe and the Uneasy Evangelical Conscience

From Russell More: For too long, we evangelical Christians have maintained an uneasy ecological conscience. I include myself in this indictment. We’ve had an inadequate view of human sin. Because we believe in free markets, we’ve acted as though this means we should trust corporations to protect the natural resources and habitats. But a laissez-faire …

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Jan 11 2010

The War on Success

A considerable amount of ministry is funded by the generosity of successful Christians.  Is the movement towards socialistic government by the current Administration putting that at risk–and more?  Atlanta Christian/business author Tommy Newberry believes so and has a book called coming out Monday that explains why.

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