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Oct 21 2013

How to Find Your Next Ministry Position Using Social Media

How to Find Your Next Ministry Position Using Social Media

Aug 08 2012

Ministry Opportunity: Director of Worship

From our friend Sally Morgenthaler comes this employment opportunity as a Director of Worship at a megachurch in the Ann Arbor Michigan area.

Jan 05 2012

Available Church Jobs

Nov 14 2008

Finding Your Vocation

Our friend Alex Chediak at California Baptist University writes an article of interest to young people seeking God’s will for their lives vocationally. A hundred years ago young adults did not have anywhere near the mind-boggling and almost debilitating number of options available today. In general, sons took on the line of work of their …

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Feb 23 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ask any five-year old, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you will be greeted by a ready answer. Ask any twenty-five year old the same question, and you are likely to unravel a tale of confusion and frustration. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Americans spend more and …

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Nov 12 2007

Stanley Fish, Ted Williams, Frank Sinatra and Character

In a recent NY Times blog, Stanley Fish (renown Postmodern scholar) reflects on his childhood and adulthood heroes: Ted Williams and Frank Sinatra. Interestingly, he points out that both men were, at times, quite unheroic in their treatment of women and in their violent public outbursts. After offering some interesting anecdotes, Fish comments on why …

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Aug 27 2007

Free Conference Downloads on Worship, Life, God

Sovereign Grace Ministries is making a tremendous number of MP3 teaching sessions available for free download–no registration required.  This is a tremendous opportunity to pick up some great teaching on worship, God and the Christian life. Included is the 2006 WorshipGod seminar, which includes the following sessions: Main-session titles and speakers A People of God’s …

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Mar 11 2007

Great Intern Op For Talented Young Writers

Marvin Olasky at World Magazine is looking for one or two interns, some of whom may land permanent jobs afterwards.  Writes Olasky: I’m planning to train five or six WorldNewMedia interns during the second half of July and the first half of August, and then we’ll see who we hire. I’ve already chosen four of …

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