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The future of the church is dependent upon its ability to produce godly disciples through the process of discipleship. What's your church and family doing to build disciples?

Sep 24 2013

The rise of internet spirituality and the decline of Biblical Christian community

John Edmiston, founder of, discusses the rise of internet spirituality where people form their own theologies and forego the accountability of church attendance.

Apr 07 2013

Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church

Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church (Leadership Network Innovation Series) is a book by Randy Pope. Zondervan: Too many of today’s pastors and leaders mistakenly think that thriving programs, lively worship services, and relevant preaching are adequate for developing people into the spiritual dynamos God desires. In many churches, the primary objective of …

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Feb 28 2013

The Post-Program Church: Which Programs to Cut?

From Nine Marks: Programs should contribute to a culture of discipleship, not compete with it. Let’s stay with our example of Sunday school. Done well, Sunday school is like a diet plan—it helps to ensure that the church as a whole is receiving a balanced diet of biblical teaching. It’s one specific tool for discipling …

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Jul 27 2012

Discipling and Parenting by Hymns


If we aren’t careful theology can be overlooked in an attempt to be relevant.

May 25 2012

Discipleship is about Values

Discipleship is about values. This could not be clearer in the Gospels. Jesus’ call is for a double action: leave and follow.

Jan 05 2012

The Greatest Need in the Church Today: Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges looks at the greatest need of the contemporary church.

Jul 07 2011

Red Flags, the Bible, and the Beach

Red flags warn of hidden dangers in the ocean currents at the beach. The Bible offers similar warnings about life.

Feb 20 2010

Is the solution to Christian nominalism radical discipleship? Sort of.

From ChurchMatters comes a brief insightful caution that "radical discipleship" can be good or bad…good if rooted in reliance on God, bad if based on our own desire to perform. The challenges to radical discipleship I heard as an adolescent might have be appropriately grounded, and I simply didn’t have ears to hear. And, gratefully, …

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Jul 14 2009

Little Pharaohs

Matt Burlew at The Journey Church: …here’s the problem: each of us in our hearts has a little Pharaoh who says “I won’t let go of my sin.” Each of us has a little Israelite who says, I want to go back and be a slave to sin because it’s so much fun.  The Israelites …

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Jan 05 2009

Stand to Reason Blog: Blessed Are Disciples

Stand to Reason Blog: Blessed Are Disciples. The Beatitudes (Matthew 5) are often taken as generalizations that apply to everyone. Consequently, there are some interesting and questionable applications. Yesterday on the radio show, Greg talked about the reasons he thinks that Jesus was referring to His followers. The people who are “blessed” are His disciples. …

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