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Category Archive: Death and Dying

We all will die one day. It's not an enjoyable process. Are you ready?

Oct 25 2014

There is Nothing Like an Estate Sale to Make You Think

There’s nothing like an estate sale to make you think.

Dec 08 2013

Men: Act Like Men

Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church talks about his walk through life-threatening cancer and the men’s conferences he’s doing with Mark Driscoll and Tullian Tchividjian.

Feb 17 2013

Celebrity Sadness: Fame Doesn’t Fill The Hole

Two sad examples that the Bible speaks wisely when it advises us not to pursue fame and fortune: Mindy McCready and Demi Moore.

Jan 07 2012

Thank You God

David Wayne, a pastor fighting cancer, on how the struggle is helping clear clutter away from message of the gospel:

Jan 28 2011

Challenger: 25 Years Ago

This time was different. This time we watched in horror and unbelief as the space shuttle fell to earth in pieces after experiencing a fiery catastrophic failure.

Dec 08 2010



A beautiful reflective song for those grieving over the unexpected loss of a loved one.

Oct 20 2010

The Life Well Lived is the Funeral Well Preached

The life well lived is a funeral well preached. We’re judged at the end of time, not at our death: how far will your influence go?

Sep 09 2010

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman: Choosing to See

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth discuss church, ministry, grace, adoption, and grief after losing their young daughter in a tragic accident.

May 16 2010

Preparing Your Church for Suffering

Pastor Matt Chandler, undergoing treatment for a brain tumor, discusses suffering. T4G 2010 — Session 8 — Matt Chandler from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.

Mar 21 2010

Resolved: Life is Short

Dear people, life is short and life is precious. Don’t waste it on superficial things. Grow deep. Get ready to die well. Give yourself unreservedly to what matters. Fling away sham. Be real with God and real with man. Cherish the eternal in everything. Take hold of life which is life indeed. Turn off the …

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