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Don't stick your head in the ground like an ostrich. Be aware of what's going on in the real world, not the fake worlds of E! and television.

Jul 02

George Washington, Freedom of Religion, and a Flash Mob

First, in a paraphrase of George Washington’s actual words, an actor portraying the first President explains why he will not run for office again (and cautions about trading away freedom for security).  Second, George Washington answers questions about his vision for America, what will be required to win, and what might happen should they lose.  …

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Dec 18

Interview with U2’s Bono

Bono, the lead singer for legendary rock band U2 and co-founder of the ONE Campaign, shares his insight as a husband and father, and how his faith in Jesus Christ motivates him to use his celebrity status to fight for social justice.

Nov 05

Leadership Lessons from an American Prisoner of War

Add perspective to your life by watching this message on leadership in extreme environments from Lee Ellis, a former POW and resident of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” where he and others endured torture and isolation.

Oct 14

Billy Graham to Deliver Message to America in November

Billy Graham, approaching his 95th birthday, desires to deliver one more message to America—to the world. Please support this initiative and spread the word.

Sep 24

The rise of internet spirituality and the decline of Biblical Christian community

John Edmiston, founder of, discusses the rise of internet spirituality where people form their own theologies and forego the accountability of church attendance.

Sep 22

Kenyan Police Move to End Siege on Nairobi Mall –

“They were questioning people, and they said, ‘If you are Muslim you are on the safer side, but if you are Hindu or Christian you will be killed,’ “

Jun 14

Biblical Exhortations to Blogs, Tweets and Facebooking

What is the primary topic of discussion in the majority of posts in your social media feed(s)?

Apr 19

How to Fight the Devil

Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter Amanda Thatcher reads Ephesians 6.10-18 inside St Paul’s at Margaret Thatchers funeral.

Feb 28

How to Avoid Becoming a Celebrity-worshipping Fan

Thabiti Anyabwile helps us understand the damage being done to the church today by our tendency to value famous Christians more than the faithful (and perhaps boring) one next door.

Feb 27

Mark Burnett & The Bible on CBNC

Mark Burnett & The Bible on CBNC

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