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Category Archive: Worship Leading Essentials Series

Apr 23

Worship Leading Essentials #20 – It’s Not About the Music

In this article we wrap up the Worship Leading Essentials series.  A moment of silence please. Thank you. In Worship Leading Essentials #1, we talked about setting the base.  In this final article, we book-end the whole deal by realizing that it is really not about the music. Take this one to the bank. Music …

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Apr 17

Worship Leading Essentials #19 – Life Long Learner

I remember graduating from Lincoln Christian College and taking my first church. I was ready to make a mark on the world. Totally clueless. I thought I knew everything. I was ready to make a contribution to the kingdom and knew that I knew everything I needed to know (say that 3 times fast). It …

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Mar 27

Worship Leading Essentials #18 – Rest

For the past few years I have trained for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (13.1 miles). The training starts in January and goes up to race day; early May. Each week I am on a schedule of running and cross training. An interesting thing is also included in the regiment: rest. My wife comes home and …

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Mar 06

Worship Leading Essentials #17 – Limit the Gear

OK,don’t get me wrong here. I am as much a fan of gear as the next person. I get all crazy when I walk into a store and smell a wall of high-end acoustic guitars. I could spend hours playing with the latest gadgets and such. I would love to have a collection of guitars, …

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Feb 27

Worship Leading Essentials 16 – Going from Band to Pool

So you feel the need to move from having a set band to using a pool of musicians. One little problem: you need the support of the current band. Get it, and you will be golden. Don’t, and life will be miserable for a season. In our congregation, we made this move twice (in different …

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Feb 21

worship Leading Essentials 15 – Band or Rotating Musicians?

Last week a worship leader emailed me and asked for some advice. His church is about 500 people. They have been using the same worship band for ten years. He is wanting to go to a pool of musician’s that rotate each week. He asked me if it was the right thing. Is it the …

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Feb 12

Leading Worship When You Don’t Feel Like It

Tim Hughes posted this on his blog.  It is in response to a question of how we can lead when your heart doesn’t feel totally right.  Here is what Tim had to say: I think the first thing to realise here is that you’re not on your own if you don’t feel totally prepared or …

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Feb 07

Worship Leading Essentials 14 – Leading Rehearsals

It’s no secret that there is a ton of work before the big dance. Rehearsals are a given. I figure you might as well make them as much fun as possible. Here are some tips for making rehearsals more fun and less stress. Know your material. I have been busted a couple of times and …

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Jan 31

Worship Leading Essentials 13 – The Art of Invisibility

He must increase, but I must decrease.  – John 3:30 (NASB) "Part of your job is to be invisible." I tell that to our worship teams from time to time. Our role as worship leaders and band members is to make God more visible and ourselves less. How is it that we can be an …

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Jan 24

worship Leading Essentials 12 – Stage Presence

Stage presence is critical to worship leading. Like it or not, the people you lead will be looking at you. It’s just the way it works, you are leading them, they are following you. What will you be telling them through your actions? Here are some things I have "heard" people say through their stage …

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