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Category Archive: Single Adults

Single and happy. Single and unhappy. Sad. Desperate. Lonely. Forgotten. We know.

Dec 22

College Secrets

College Secrets | A Message Series from Athens Church

Dec 21

Why Is Sex Outside Of Marriage So Destructive? | Tim Keller

Why Is Sex Outside Of Marriage So Destructive? | Tim Keller

Aug 27

Andy Stanley: Love, Sex and Dating

Andy Stanley teaches on the topic of love, sex and dating in this four part series from North Point Community Church.

Feb 13

8 Qualities of a Guy Who is Marriage Material

Voddie Baucham reminds us of what women should be looking for in a mate, taken from the book What He Must Be: …If He Wants to Marry My Daughter.

Jul 06

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy


Louie Giglio recently completed a series on dating, marriage and relationships.

May 04

Andy Stanley Dispels ‘the Right Person’ Myth

In new series entitled “The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating” Andy Stanley dispels the “if I can just find the right person I’d be happy the rest of my life” myth.

Aug 29

The World is filled with boys who can shave

The problem with adolescence is guys don’t know when they’re ever going to grow up and be men, and no pressure is exerted on them to do so.

Apr 13

How LinkedIn Will Fire Up Your Career

From Fortune Magazine: Facebook is for fun. Tweets have a short shelf life. If you're serious about managing your career, the only social site that really matters is LinkedIn. In today's job market an invitation to "join my professional network" has become more obligatory — and more useful — than swapping business cards and churning …

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Nov 18

The Measure of a Man, The Peter Pan Syndrome, and Boys Who Shave: The Problem With Young Christian Men

Seattle's Mark Driscoll talks to the typical adolescent-minded twentysomethings and thirtysomethings in the church—and their girlfriends, Moms and wives.  Funny, yes, but sadly all too true.

Sep 22

Louie Giglio : Tattoo

Louie Giglio has a video series called "Tattoo" online at 7:22 org.  The three messages, delivered this past summer to several thousand young singles in Atlanta, are entitled: Marked by the Cross Pure Light Touch of Heaven It’s a good series taking a look at what the real "alternative" lifestye of a Christian should look …

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