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Online video downloads (or streams) available and worth watching.

Jun 17

What if Jesus Was Like Me?

Pat Terry sings of what Jesus might be like, had he been like me…or you.

Feb 28

Classic CCM: Petra Concert

Concert video from classic pioneer band Petra from their DVD Back to the Rock LIVE “Bema Seat” – 3:58 “Clean” – 3:06 “Angel of Light” – 4:29 “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows” – 4:12 “Godpleaser” – 4:45 “Second Wind” – 4:35 “More Power to Ya” – 3:36 “Let Everything That Hath Breath” (Greg X. Volz) …

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Feb 26

In Jesus Name – Darlene Zschech

New video from Darlene Zschech: In Jesus Name

Feb 05

14 Characteristics of a Church Living Under the Supremacy of Christ

14 Characteristics of a Church Living Under the Supremacy of Christ

Jan 22

Dead Come Alive: An Animation

Dead Come Alive: An Animation

Oct 25

Peter Lord: The Main Thing

Peter Lord’s goal for himself and others: The MAIN THING is to keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING.

Jul 06

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy

Louie Giglio recently completed a series on dating, marriage and relationships.

Mar 24

Let There Be – An Animation

This song by Gungor deals primarily with the Genesis account of creation, however in 2 Corinthians 4:6, Paul compares the Light that first exploded into the universe at creation with the Light that shines into a heart that comes to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Mar 20

We Believe

Steve Green lays out the Christian faith in the stirring song We Believe.

Mar 08

Laura Story: The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Lived Through

Laura Story: “absolutely the most difficult thing I’ve ever lived through in my whole life and the most difficult thing we’ve been through as a couple.”

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