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God. We exist to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Sep 06

Love Made – An Animation

Love Made – An Animation Poetry from Quina Aragon Free Discussion Guide: For more information about the work of Christopher Powers, please visit his webpage here.

Dec 21

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol: By: Alistair Begg | –

Feb 15

Prayer, Praise and the Holy Spirit

Alistair Begg explains the relationship between prayer and praise, and how it requires the work of the Holy Spirit.

Jan 28

Itching Ears

Itching Ears: By: Alistair Begg | – What do people look for in a preacher? The Apostle Paul warned young pastor Timothy about those who seek teaching that is only what they want to hear, rather than biblical truth. In this message, Alistair Begg emphasizes the importance of preaching the Bible in the life …

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Nov 15

Who is Wise

Who is Wise: Wisdom is not demonstrated by how much we know, but in how we live our lives. Alistair Begg teaches us that the only way to become wise is by knowing the source of true wisdom. When we know God, He makes us wise, working in us to produce evidence of His presence …

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Oct 09

Times of Difficulty

Times of Difficulty: By Alistair Begg | – At the start of the third chapter of his second letter to Timothy, Paul warned this young pastor about difficulties he could expect from the surrounding culture. Alistair Begg helps us see that these same difficulties have faced every generation of believers, and explains how the …

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Oct 03

Dont Kid Yourselves

Dont Kid Yourselves: The Bible not only gives us life, but also transforms our lives. Alistair Begg challenges us from James 1 that there is no such thing as secret discipleship. Either our discipleship will destroy our secrecy or our secrecy will destroy our discipleship.

Jul 19

Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus: By: Alistair Begg, Topics: Christian Thinking, Jesus Christ, originally preached 4/21/13 at Calvary Chapel Leadership Conference at Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks

Jul 17

Deep Seated Corruption (Westmont College)

Deep Seated Corruption (Westmont College):

Jul 13

One Thing

One Thing:

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