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Category Archive: Theology Matters

Sep 01 2014

Holiness and Humility – Matt Chandler

Holiness and Humility – Matt Chandler: Holiness and Humility – Matt Chandler

Aug 31 2014

Spoken Word: Janette…ikz – I Am

Spoken Word: Janette…ikz – I Am: Live spoken word from the Verge Conference in Austin, Texas. For more from Janette…ikz:

Aug 23 2014

Terms of Endearment

Terms of Endearment: Writing from a Roman prison cell, Paul urged Philemon and his runaway slave Onesimus to be reconciled. Paul wrote with thankfulness and joy because he had been encouraged by stories of Philemon’s faith in Jesus as evidenced by his love for others. Alistair Begg teaches that genuine shared faith in Christ is …

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Aug 23 2014

Rrefresh My Heart

Rrefresh My Heart: When we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, we enjoy a familial bond with other Christians that cannot be severed. Because of their shared faith, Paul pleaded with Philemon to forgive and welcome back his runaway slave Onesimus. Forgiveness and reconciliation can feel overwhelming, but Alistair Begg reassures us that …

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Aug 22 2014

Waiting – Matt Chandler (Sermon Jam)

Waiting – Matt Chandler (Sermon Jam): Waiting – Matt Chandler (Sermon Jam)

Aug 21 2014

On the Basis of Love

On the Basis of Love: Paul had the apostolic authority to demand reconciliation between Philemon and his runaway slave Onesimus. Instead,he appealed to them on the basis of love. Alistair Begg emphasizes that love is foundational in our service to Christ and our responses to each other. Just as Paul encouraged Philemon to welcome Onesimus’ …

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Aug 21 2014

A Consecrated Life

A Consecrated Life: By Alistair Begg, August 5, 2014 | — When we consider what it might look like to live a life that is committed to the cause of the Gospel, the Apostle Paul is an excellent example. As Alistair Begg explains, what set Paul apart was not that he didn’t value the …

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Aug 18 2014

Useful to the Master

Useful to the Master: Christians often talk about being “used by God,” but what does that look like in daily life? Using Paul’s picture of a useful vessel in 2 Timothy 2, Alistair Begg helps us work through this concept. We learn that it means daily choices to live in the privilege of holiness, and …

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Aug 17 2014

The Lord’s Servant

The Lord’s Servant: By Alistair Begg – When interacting with others, Christian leaders – and the rest of us – may be tempted to quarrel over points where we disagree. Exploring the final verses of 2 Timothy 2, Alistair Begg shows how the Apostle Paul emphasized kindness and patience toward all people, allowing God …

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Aug 01 2014

LIBERATE 2012 | Round table on Parenting – Jono Linebaugh, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Paul Tripp

LIBERATE 2012 | Round table on Parenting – Jono Linebaugh, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Paul Tripp:

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