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Category Archive: Theology Matters

May 17 2016

Louie Giglio: Don’t Give Up

Louie Giglio speaks to worship leaders at the 2014 Worship Central Conference

Dec 21 2015

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol: By: Alistair Begg | –

Oct 22 2015

My Times are in Your Hands, Part One

My Times are in Your Hands, Part One: In this study of Psalm 31, Alistair Begg focuses on what it means for the Christian to be able to say, “My times are in Your hand.” Because of our confidence in the providence of God, we can be certain that we are not trapped by blind …

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Aug 27 2015

Lay Down Your Weary Tune – David Zahl

Lay Down Your Weary Tune – David Zahl

Aug 01 2015

Signs of the End

Most of the time, when the topic is “the end of the world,” you hear a lot of speculation about dates and events and meanings. Mark 13 shows us a striking difference in the way Jesus approached this subject. Instead of speculating about dates, the Lord provided His followers with practical instruction – actions and …

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Jul 14 2015

Lay Down Your Weary Tune – David Zahl

2015 Mockingbird Conference Tyler Texas March 27-28 Tangled Up in Grace Lay Down Your Weary Tune – David Zahl

Jul 04 2015

Life, Liberty, Happiness

Life, Liberty, Happiness: Independence Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the events surrounding America’s beginning. In this message, Alistair Begg draws our attention to the ideals of Life, Liberty, and Happiness, and shows that they can be found most fully by depending on Jesus, the King of Kings.

Jun 15 2015

Matt Chandler – Get Up

Matt Chandler – Get Up: A word husbands need to take to heart. Video Credit goes to Timothy Beck:

Mar 30 2015

A Simple Yet Moving 5-Minute Video Presentation of the Whole Bible

This is a great 5-minute video presentation of the whole Bible – simple enough for adults and even kids. Please share. Download a free copy

Mar 30 2015

Every Story Casts His Shadow

Jesus in the Bible.  A great Easter resource video–please share. Download a free copy

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