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Category Archive: Tech Teams

Work behind the scenes? Sound team? Media team? Web team?

Nov 02 2013

Third Day Monitor Mixes – David Carr

Third Day Monitor Mixes – David Carr: See what it is like for David Carr during a Third Day concert. This video contains his personal in- ear monitor mix. Now you can hear exactly what he hears!

Jan 07 2012

The Piano in Contemporary Worship

Our friend Bob Kauflin, formerly of GLAD (the ’70′s band, not the political group) has posted three videos recently recorded at WorshipGod11

Nov 10 2008

Presentation Addiction

At WorshipHouse, Sally Morgenthaler writes about the intersection of technology and worship: The world of the screen is here to stay. What was novelty and cutting edge only a year ago is fast becoming the norm. The proliferation of visual product – from downloads to DVDs – is staggering. The question is, how will we …

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