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Category Archive: Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. iPod. iPhone. Blackberry. Myspace (does it still exist?). It's the way more and more communication is done. We'll help keep up. Sort of.

Nov 07

Increase Spiritual Fruit in a Digital World

Kent Shaffer discusses the centrality of the Holy Spirit to effective ministry in this seminar from the Biola Digital 2014 conference. He explains to his listeners that despite the wide variety of ministry models and measures of effectiveness, the focus must always be on humbling obeying the instruction of God.

Oct 21

How to Find Your Next Ministry Position Using Social Media

How to Find Your Next Ministry Position Using Social Media

Feb 20

Social Media, Digital Footprints, Reputations and Job Searches

Two presentations on the intersection of social media, personal branding, and the job search.

Jan 12

Christian Leadership & Christian Ministry LinkedIn Group Rules

Christian Leadership & Christian Ministry LinkedIn Group Rules

Feb 14

Social Nation: Developing Your Social Media Strategy

How to build an effective “social nation” via social media for your organization.

Aug 23

Facebook and Jesus Christ Superstar

Does it make a difference that the Son of God came 2000 years ago? Could he have waited for Facebook? Would that have been a quicker way to spread the news?

Jul 06

Fast Company: The Influence Project

How influential are you in the online community?

Jun 10

The Blessings of the New Media

From Ed Stetzer Popular and emerging forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are all around us. Yet many pastors and church leaders have been reluctant to embrace them. These new forms of media have become a very present part of our culture, and while abuses and misuses are often pointed out, …

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Apr 15

Library of Congress archives every Twitter tweet

From the San Francisco Chronicle: Billions of Twitter tweets, everything from urgent messages about the Haitian earthquake to Justin Bieber fans professing their love, are headed to the world's largest archive, the Library of Congress. The San Francisco microblogging service and the Library of Congress announced Wednesday that Twitter is donating access to nearly all …

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Feb 10

How to Protect Your Privacy with Facebook’s New Privacy Settings in 17 Easy Steps

From Inside Facebook: Facebook’s new, more public privacy settings are here to stay. And there are a lot of details that you should make sure you’re clear about. Otherwise, you may be exposing (or not exposing) the information you intend to.  But remember: Privacy settings are not foolproof.  Facebook changes them frequently, and they have …

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