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Input from those who are engaged in the craft of songwriting.

Jul 18

How Rend Collective Writes Their Music

How Rend Collective Writes Their Music

Apr 10

Nashville couple revive lost art of hymn writing

The Rev. Jeremy Rose of Axis, who is in his 30s, said most new songs focus on how worshippers feel about God but don’t contain much theology. Older hymns often have good theology but lack a personal touch. But “In Christ Alone” has both. “This hymn takes theology and attaches it to my day-in and …

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Mar 06

Mark Altrogge, Steve + Vikki Cook Talk about the Songwriter

Mark Altrogge, Steve + Vikki Cook Talk about the Songwriter

Feb 13

How to Write a Song that Produces Goose Bumps

Researchers have found that certain features of music are consistently associated with producing strong emotions in listeners. Combined with heartfelt lyrics and a powerhouse voice, these structures can send reward signals to our brains that rival any other pleasure.

Jan 25

A Sit Down With Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin sits down and discusses song writing, Passion City Church, and his new CD in this month’s edition of Worship Musician.

Jun 29

The Earth revolves around the Sun

In a recent book by NT Wright, he uses the analogy of the earth and the sun to compare to our approach to Scripture. Too often, he says, we make the sun go round the earth – we read the Bible as though it's really all about us, when actually it's all about God and …

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Jan 01

Tired (Orphan’s Blood)

This is a simple song that I wrote this Summer in Australia.  It had been brewing in my head and heart for a bit.  A few weeks after we returned, Scott Telle put some quick graphics to it and we shared it in exchange. A complete version will be on the upcoming Simple Worship II …

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Nov 09

The Theology Behind The Song Indescribable

Laura Story discusses the theology behind her song Indescribable, a worship song made popular after being recorded by Chris Tomlin and preached on by Louie Giglio nationwide.  From Worship Leader magazine: When she had a moment to get away, Story opened the Bible to the book of Job. At the time she was attending a …

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Sep 25

Laura Story: The Story Behind the Song Indescribable

How did a string bassist from South Carolina end up penning a worship anthem [Indescribable] known and loved by millions?

Aug 15

How to Write an Amazing Hymn?: A Posthumous Interview with John Newton by Brian Thomas

After having read and reviewed Jonathan Aitken’s biography, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace, I was left wondering what it would be like to sit and share a coffee with the man himself, ask him some questions about writing songs for the worshipping community and the power of music to proclaim the gospel. Of …

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