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Category Archive: Worship Leading

For those who "lead worship."

Jun 13 2016

Worship Team Conversations: Excellence in Worship

Thoughts from Dwayne Moore on excellence in corporate worship.

May 24 2016

Worship Band Workshop with Paul Baloche

A worship leader workshop led by Paul Baloche, who we had the pleasure to meet recently in Atlanta.

Jul 15 2015

Episode 4-1-15 | #WorshipTeamHangout | Sara Kelly

Episode 4-1-15 | #WorshipTeamHangout | Sara Kelly SEASON FINALE “Worship Is A Way of Life” Songwriting doesn’t come easy; it’s a labor of love. Once introduced to the church, we can sing and experience melodies that fix our gaze on Christ Himself. But a melody and lyric is only as good as the writer’s story. …

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Apr 17 2015

WorshipTeamHangout Rob Carona

Special guest Rob Carona from Songsmith Creative!!   Questions: 1 What is making our lives and world so noisy that people seemed detached? 2 How can we better engage our church in worship – above the noise? 3 What difference does it make to have consistent leadership both on and off the stage?

Mar 31 2015

The Pastor and the Worship Leader

Is it really a big deal? The Pastor and Worship Leader relationship is one of the most critical, yet the most critiqued components of ministry. What is the relationship like between you and your pastor and how can it be better? Join Branon Dempsey, Tony Guerrero and Swift Johnson! Questions: 1 Is it about the …

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Mar 27 2015

Worship Leader Webinar :: Branon Dempsey / Stefanie Kelly

Worship Leader Webinar :: Branon Dempsey / Stefanie Kelly QUESTIONS: #WorshipLeaders: what support are you missing in your ministry? Who is validating you in your attempts to minister?

Feb 27 2015

Worship Leading & Ministry and Challenges, Ideas & Encouragement

Worship Leading & Ministry and Challenges, Ideas & Encouragement

Jan 29 2015

Episode 1-21-15 | Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture) #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 1-21-15 | Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture) #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 1-21-15 | Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture) #WorshipTeamHangout: We all desire for the church to be caught up in the moment of worship. It’s amazing to see God changing lives and singing with one heart and one voice. But what happens through life when you leave the stage? It’s more than just once a week …

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Dec 25 2014

Episode 12-10-14 | Corey Voss #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 12-10-14 | Corey Voss #WorshipTeamHangout: Leading Without Division (Special Guest: Corey Voss) Is the music in your church still a dividing factor, or is it more complicated? As leaders in worship, we are doing more than just leading songs, we are helpers in gathering people to connect with God. When we understand our people …

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Dec 21 2014

Episode 12-3-14 | Jonathan Lee #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 12-3-14 | Jonathan Lee #WorshipTeamHangout: Being Thankful in the Hard Times (Special Guest: Jonathan Lee) Being a minister, worship leader or volunteer can be tough in the church. You’re always having to be “on.” But how do you cope with daily living when the tough times come? Do we really believe and work out …

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