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For those who "lead worship."

Oct 17 2014

Episode 10-1-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 10-1-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout: Performancism: how do we turn back to the true worship of God? Worship is not a performance…or is it? Music is both a gift and a tool to serve God and people in worship. But there are those that feel that the worship time is just another event or …

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Oct 12 2014

Episode 7-30-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 7-30-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: Why do my rehearsals suck? It’s an epidemic among teams: people show up late, forget their music, don’t look at their music and don’t care about… I’ve had this happen too. The things that seem so easy for us, also tend to be the most difficult. Plus, we typically learn by default …

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Oct 10 2014

Episode 9-17-14 | Season II #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 9-17-14 | Season II #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: FallenFavor TOPIC/QUESTIONS: 1) How do we help people – by whatever means – fall in love with the loving Father, God, the justified bridge and Savior, Jesus, and the greatest Counselor and heart physician, the Holy Spirit? 2) Is all sin still sin? How do we not single anyone …

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Sep 13 2014

Episode 9-3-14 | Season II Premier #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 9-3-14 | Season II Premier #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: In worship ministry, we all get complacent at times, and due to busyness our spiritual lives or closeness to God can suffer or become stale. How do we step into a meaningful and daily life of worship, that becomes evident in our leading of worship? 1 How do …

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Sep 03 2014

Episode 8-20-14 Season Finale #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 8-20-14 Season Finale #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout Episode 8-20-14 Season Finale Divas, Peeves and Sleeves We all have them. Someone on the worship team who’s all about them! What up with the diva? What are some of your pet peeves and how do you deal with emotions worn on the sleeves? It’s all about attitude, but …

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Aug 28 2014

James K. A. Smith on Agency, Action, and Christian Worship

From The Henry Center: James K. A. Smith on Agency, Action, and Christian Worship: There is a deep irony about much contemporary evangelical worship: largely failing to appreciate the primacy of God’s agency in worship, evangelical worship often mimics the problems of late medieval Catholicism by reducing worship to something we do. Of course that …

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Aug 26 2014

Are Different Styles of Music Acceptable in Church? Ravi Zacharias

A worship leader in youth ministry who performs hip-hop, reggae, and urbanized forms of music says his style of music is dismissed by some churches and embraced by others. The question of Ravi Zacharias and John Njoroge:  why  are churches are so divided when it comes to different types of music, and is substance truly …

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Aug 16 2014

Our Job on Sunday Morning

Louie Giglio: That’s our job every week when we gather here.  These amazing men and women that come and lead us–they’re not here to entertain me and you.  They’re not here to play great music to make us feel good.  They’re not here to kick the gathering off with kind of a nice anthem or …

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Aug 08 2014

Episode 8-6-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 8-6-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: Your Singer Can’t Sing and Won’t Leave What do you do? You got them or auditioned them, and somehow, they keep coming back and want to sing. What you last heard was not pretty, but their heart is the best you’ve ever seen in their devotion to God. Do you keep them …

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Jul 22 2014

Episode 7-16-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout

Episode 7-16-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout: To Hire or Not Hire in the Worship Band? Episode 7-16-14 #WorshipTeamTrainingHangout Wednesday @ 11am CST A twenty minute conversation on the cost of hiring or not hiring in the worship band. Join us on July 17, 2014 at 11a CST Your Hosts: Branon Dempsey, Tim Timmons, Tony Guerrero and Stefanie Kelly …

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