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Category Archive: Pastors

Pastors: You are the lead worshipers of your church.

Feb 04

Doxology and Theology: How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader

The need for theologically driven worship leaders exists in large part because many believe that worship leadership and theological aptitude are mutually exclusive.

Feb 20

How Non-Christian Soccer Moms Decide What Songs You Sing At Church

Most major Christian radio stations market not to Christians, but to soccer Moms driving kids around town, 30-40% who listen are not Christians. So the music you hear on Sunday morning is based on popularity, which is not determined by theologians or pastors, but by marketers appealing to thirty-something soccer moms of varying faiths and commitment.

Jun 26

Pastors, Personal Integrity, and Job Security: NY Times

A brief excerpt from the New York Times (emphasis ours) accentuating the disillusionment of many pastors who went into ministry to help people obtain serious, spiritual help but find instead they are expected primarily to be entertainers:

Sep 17

Hospitality and the Multicultural Church

No formula can deliver the church from centuries of ethnic tension, but we can adopt what Soong-Chan Rah calls a “learning posture” that will help us recognize God in other cultures besides our own and teach us to worship Him together.

Mar 23

2 Principles Every Leader Should Evaluate

I don't know about you but I think I am finally over the Christmas production hangover.  Now that it's over planning is already beginning to take place for this year's services.  Although all of our services were  a success there were some big take-aways that have become monumental principles I will forever hold to in …

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Oct 10

Why German Christians Supported Hitler

A sobering review of the book, Hitler’s Cross, by Erwin Lutzer. Foreward by Ravi Zacharias.

Jan 30

Quick Interview with Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is the Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicago, co-author of The Big Idea, and Head Honcho of The NewThings Network. Dave lives and breathes Christ and the multi-site church. Next time you see him, ask about reaching a billion people for Christ. A billion? Man, I love God-sized dreams! I recently …

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Aug 12

On Pastors

Over the past few months I’ve met with or had lunch with a couple of pastor friends and whenever I do I am reminded why I consider pastoring one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  Regardless of the quality of the pastoring job you do, you can generally expect frequent criticism, overly demanding …

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Jul 02

8 Questions to ask before Speaking or Teaching

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear Francis Chan speak on communicating.  During his talk he gave a few questions that he asks himself every time before he gets up to speak.  I’ve taken these questions and changed them up a bit to fit what I do and I’ve added a …

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Jan 26

Sally Morgenthaler: Does Ministry Fuel Addictive Behavior?

In view of the recent sexual failures of male Christian leaders in churches of all sizes, we thought it might be helpful for readers to hear from a pastor’s wife whose husband’s longtime secret double life fell apart when he was arrested and charged with molestation. Sally Morgenthaler, author of the book Worship Evangelism is …

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