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Feb 01

Bringing Simplicity To Your Life

Ask anyone who’s gotten rid of stuff they owned or were owned by and they’ll tell you about the freedom they feel.

Oct 31

What is a Scoffer? Might not be what you think…

Who are the ‘scoffers’ and ‘mockers’ of our day?

Oct 05

Talent versus Godliness

…when Apollos preached the place was packed. But when Paul came to preach some people slept in. Seats were left vacant. It was hard to find enough volunteers for the nursery on the mornings Paul preached. The apostle’s pulpit presence was simply unimpressive. Closeness to God and measures of generational relevance were tied to the towers of oratory, spectacular influence, and gathered crowds. Why bear with Paul when you could go down the street and hear Apollos? …but what some believers overlooked in Paul at times, Jesus saw clearly.

Sep 18

What Does Your Worship Cost?

When we leave a time of worship and feel that the Holy Spirit didn’t meet us I believe we should be asking ourselves what was standing in between us and our desperation. What part of me was holding on, holding back, or holding out? What did my worship cost me today?

Sep 01

How Should Churches Respond to Disruptions in a Worship Service?

The willingness to be shaped by a community into which God has called us—to be formed into Christ’s likeness by folks we’d not have chosen to be with if it had been up to us—is lacking in the lives of those whose preferences in worship are disturbed by their preferences. …So when Jesus shows up with cerebral palsy, let him stay; and insist that the folks around him stay with him, even if the preacher or the music isn’t to their liking .

Aug 30

Worship: Casual Novelty or Transcendent Awe?

The problem is not with casual worship styles, but with casually worshiping God in whatever style.

Aug 26

Singing to Build Up

Everything we do–everything, Paul tells us, including our singing—should be done for the building up of the saints.

Aug 24

Are Spiritual Disciplines Legalism?

When it comes to pursuing Christ, we live by something higher than legalism or mere duty, because Jesus is more desirable, more attractive, and greater than any of the lesser alternatives we can find in life.

Aug 15

Worship isn’t first an activity; worship is first our identity

Paul Tripp: What controls your heart will control your behavior. Remember that by God’s design, we’re worshipers. Worship isn’t first an activity; worship is first our identity. That means everything you and I do and say is the product of worship. So the treasures (things that have risen to levels of importance in my heart) …

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Jul 29

3 Reasons Why Youth Stay in Church When They Grow Up

3 Reasons Why Youth Stay in Church When They Grow

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