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Category Archive: Depression

Everyone gets sad. But what if you stay sad? You're not alone.

Sep 01 2013

David Meece on his Father’s Abuse


Feb 27 2013

Warnings to Pastors and Leaders

The dangers of depression, and addiction to work and medication-in the life of a mega-church pastor.

Feb 17 2013

Celebrity Sadness: Fame Doesn’t Fill The Hole

Two sad examples that the Bible speaks wisely when it advises us not to pursue fame and fortune: Mindy McCready and Demi Moore.

Feb 29 2012

Plan “B” From Outer Space?

Winston Smith responds to the question “is there a plan B for my life?”

Feb 21 2012

NewSpring Pastor Shares His Struggle With Depression

Pastor Perry Noble is among the many Americans struggling with depression, acknowledging he was depressed for a three year period.