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One of the hardest occupations out there. Church planting.

Mar 01 2014

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City – Tim Keller

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City – Tim Keller

Feb 05 2013

14 Characteristics of a Church Living Under the Supremacy of Christ

14 Characteristics of a Church Living Under the Supremacy of Christ

Jan 24 2011

15 Years Later: North Point Community Church

Testimony, worship, and memories from the first 15 years of North Point Community Church, plus commentary from Andy Stanley and a message from Bill Hybels.

Jan 21 2011

Saved by Grace | Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne

Renovation Church

Video from Renovation Church in Atlanta to the song “Saved By Grace” by Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne.

May 12 2010

23 Factors in Finding a Church Facility

Selecting a facility is not simply making a decision about where to gather for corporate worship, it says something about your perception of God and your congregation. In a 4-part series on the Acts 29 blog, Pastor Mark Driscoll outlined 23 factors to think about in finding a facility based on insights and lessons he …

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Mar 30 2010

Church Growth at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC

Interesting article and inside look at the growth of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  Heavy on theology, community, and discipleship, the church has grown sevenfold over the past sixteen years as congregants returned to a historic, biblical faith. A few quotes: As morning light filters into a fourth-floor room on a Sunday, students huddle …

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Mar 04 2010

Evolution of the Hipster: Why Don’t Church Planters Target the Uncool?

Bill Stegerof the Acts 29 Network meets a lot of church planters.  And he's noticed that every single one of them has a plan to reach cool, artsy, influential folks in major cities.  None of them are targeting outliers. None of them are targeting rural areas populated by hillbillies and middle school dropouts.  None of them are targeting declining, blue-collar cities. Considering that …

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Feb 02 2010

Qualifications to be a Pastor and Church Planter

If you want to build a following, all you need is personality, communication skills, and weak people with little to no discernment.  But if you want to build a biblical church, you must meet the requirements the Bible places on the calling.  Reading various twitter feeds and blogs makes it apparent that lots of people …

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Jul 17 2008

Segregation in Worship Is Alive And Thriving

Writes Tullian Tchividjian, from his forthcoming book Unfashionable: Most churches would agree that racial or economic segregation runs contrary to the very nature of the Gospel. Most would also acknowledge that any sort of class bigotry is antithetical to the Gospel and should therefore not be tolerated. But there’s another, perhaps more subtle, type of …

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Jan 30 2008

Quick Interview with Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is the Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicago, co-author of The Big Idea, and Head Honcho of The NewThings Network. Dave lives and breathes Christ and the multi-site church. Next time you see him, ask about reaching a billion people for Christ. A billion? Man, I love God-sized dreams! I recently …

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