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Jonathan Dodson

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Name: Jonathan Dodson
Date registered: 27/08/2010

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  1. Songs About God’s Love are Cheap — 16/10/2008
  2. Dark Thoughts on The Dark Knight — 04/08/2008
  3. Horton Helps Us Hear Jesus? — 10/04/2008
  4. Gospel-centered Community — 18/02/2008
  5. Bono on Christmas — 08/01/2008

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Oct 16

Songs About God’s Love are Cheap

So many of the songs about God’s love currently being written and sung are cheap. They are mushy without being hardy. Like milk-bloated cereal, they drip with emotion but fall flat on substance. Such cheap love songs act like God is our cosmic girlfriend. God is not a girlfriend; God is God. Cheap love songs …

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Aug 04

Dark Thoughts on The Dark Knight

My first thoughts walking away from Dark Knight were dark thoughts. This film was, at times, too believable for a comic book hero. Yes, I realize that the Nolan brothers intentionally recast Batman out of the traditional hero role; however, in doing so they changed the comic book appeal, lost the frivolity and unbelievability of …

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Apr 10

Horton Helps Us Hear Jesus?

I know it sounds preposterous. Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! can help us hear Jesus?! It sounds like another one of those articles that tries to stretch pop culture over a Christian frame. But bear with me. I simply want to reflect on the main idea of the movie, as it relates to belief …

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Feb 18

Gospel-centered Community

It’s a buzz word. It’s often misunderstood. It’s central to the Christian faith and yet so absent from many churches. Community. I would like to address two main issues with our attempts to find community. First, defective Christian views of community are based on unbiblical notions of the Church. Second, true community is based not …

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Jan 08

Bono on Christmas

This reflection on Christmas occurred after Bono had just returned home, to Dublin, from a long tour with U2. On Christmas Eve Bono went to the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Jonathan Swift was dean. Apparently he was given a really poor seat, one obstructed by a pillar, making it even more difficult for him …

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Nov 15

Response to New York Times on Worship and Atheism

Two of the most popular articles at the Times this past week addressed matters of faith. Ben Ratliff covers a story “Plugging in to Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord.“Stanley Fish addresses “Suffering, Evil and the Existence of God” in his regular column. Ratliff’s piece focuses on High Desert Church in Ca, examining their …

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Sep 24

John Mayer and “Belief”

In his recent album Continuum, John Mayer sings about “Belief.” In addition to being one of the best songs on the CD, this song contains a remarkable insight, both as a philosophical reflection and as a pop lyric. Mayer sings: “Everyone believes how it ought to be.” The song falls between two other songs in …

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Sep 10

Should Worship Be a Core Value?

As a pastor and church planter, I frequently come across church "core values." These core values are supposed to comprise the identity and vision of a church. Many churches include "worship" as a core value. Should worship be a core value? In referring to worship, we often mean Christian gatherings to praise and exalt God …

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Aug 21

Significance by Works for Doxological Service?

I have been living on devotional snacks lately, thirty minutes here, fifteen there. These times are genuine but barely substantial enough for the demands of daily discipleship. The past ten days have been crammed with four plane trips, two long distance drives, intense church planting stuff, networking and research. In all of this there can …

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Aug 09

Towards True Joy: Cutting Through False Happiness and the Fear of Man

Hungering for someone to stir my soul and deepen my thoughts about life, God, and the things that matter most, my hand drifted to the paperback copy of Augustine’s Confessions located on the second shelf from the bottom. I flipped through the worn, underlined pages until I reached the pristine ones. Picking up in Book …

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