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  1. Starting a Prayer Team — 18/10/2008
  2. Feels Like The First Time — 16/06/2008
  3. Praying for Volunteers — 04/01/2008
  4. Getting to Jesus — 02/10/2007
  5. Album Review | David Crowder Band “Remedy” — 27/09/2007

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Oct 18

Starting a Prayer Team

If you’re a church planter, worship leader, pastor, youth pastor, or ministry leader, YOU NEED PEOPLE PRAYING FOR YOU AND THE VISION GOD HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART. Recently, in our new church plant, we launched our prayer team called The Ridge Warriors.  Once a week, they will receive an email from our Warrior point …

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Jun 16

Feels Like The First Time

Have you ever heard or read a set of scripture and even though you’ve heard it a thousand times, it seemed like this was the first time you had ever heard it? This happened last night as a the lead singer from Cool Hand Luke (Mark) was speaking. He spoke Jeremiah 33:3- "Call to Me …

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Jan 04

Praying for Volunteers

In student ministry, or any ministry, volunteers make the world go round.  Without our volunteers, we’d be DOA…in fact we’d probably not even arrive!  I’m always trying to think of ways to help volunteers, reward them, and make them feel like they are appreciated and loved.  One thing that I can say is the easiest …

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Oct 02

Getting to Jesus

Recently, in the life group I attend, we went around the room sharing struggles that each one of us has that keeps us from God. One of the common struggles we shared was struggles with people. Isn’t it funny, how the one thing that God created to worship Him most and in the most authentic …

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Sep 27

Album Review | David Crowder Band “Remedy”

Believe the hype. Believe everything GREAT you’ve heard about this album. If someone tells you it’s good, they’re lying. It’s GREAT. In my rose colored glasses, most everything that the David Crowder Band puts out is really, really, good, but this album, "Remedy," is one of their best yet. If you don’t have this as …

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Sep 07

Set the Bar Higher

Within our student ministry (Fusion) we set the bar high when it comes to worship.  We don’t pull anything out that seems "too deep."  We believe that if the bar is set high when it comes to worship, it may take some time, but the students will rise to that, thus learning how to better …

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Aug 30

Starbucks…The Way I See It

I’ll admit; I’m a Starbucks fan.  More so recently because my good friend Matt is a manager there and he’s always talking about how great a company it is. And I agree, it’s a good company; smart business sense, good product, and great atmosphere. But recently, they produced on their "The Way I See It" …

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Aug 10

Tips on Starting a Worship Band

During my 8 years of being a student pastor, I’ve had the opportunity to help start a few worship bands, some successful….some not so much.   Some of the things I have learned have become invaluable as I continue to venture into the world of leading others. Whether you are starting a band for your student …

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Jul 27

Ten Ways to Burn Yourself Out

I’ve been thinking burn out for some reason today. Not for me, but for fellow youth workers, pastors, worship leaders, and volunteers out there. Burnout is real threat to those of us in the ministry. It can happen before you know it and possibly ruin your entire ministry. So if you want to burn yourself …

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Jul 20

130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas

Check out this resource from our buddy Tim Schmoyer.  Click on the link below to download it.  Here’s some highlights of the list…. Share stories from your own life when speaking to students Admit your failures Communicate with parents as much as possible Ditch the "Christianese" Form a team of adults that will commit to …

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