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Where can I buy the nature worship videos I seen on late night televison?

You’re probably looking for the worship television network.  They are at;  this is  There is no affiliation or relationship, other than the fact that we met them at NRB a few years ago and sometimes we stumble across their broadcasts when channel surfing looking for 24 or LOST.

Why isn’t your TV show on station (fill-in-the-blank)  in (fill-in-the-blank) any longer?

See previous question.  We aren’t affiliated with the worship television network and we don’t know what happened to the broadcast that used to be in your area or to the broadcast you picked up when you lived in Pillawonka, nor do we know how to program your satellite dish to pick up the program from your RV in Arizona.

What do I do if I ordered merchandise and have a problem?
All of our product is handled by either Amazon or Christian Book Distributors (CBD).  They are one of the most dependable online sellers on the web, and also among the most competitive in terms of price.  Problems are rare but are addressed quickly when they occur.  Contact them directly at or

However, almost every single email we have received regarding an order have been concerning products CBD or Amazon don’t carry, so in that case you couldn’t have bought them here.   Maybe you bought them from a link off of our site but we have no way to know that.  If you don’t know where you purchased your products, we sure don’t.  If you bought them from the worship television network, see the above questions.

Why do you have articles about things other than music or leading worship?
This site is about the idea that worship is more than music, that it is essentially a way of life.  Thus, worship is not just about what you sing, but how you live, what you think, what you long for, what you feel, what you believe, and who you are.  So we try to include information that goes beyond just the coolest new CD or band, and you’ll find articles about not just music, but about life, ministry, and theology.

What is your privacy policy?
When you sign up for our mailing list, you can be assured your email address will not be shared with anyone.  Our list is private and will not be sold or leased to anyone else.

I don’t like the ads on Google.
We don’t control what google displays on   The funding generated by Google helps temporarily support the website, although it does not cover the cost of publishing the site.   Use discretion when visiting a link from Google, just as you would when considering ads from publications such as Charisma, Christianity Today, Worship Leader or World Magazine.

We do have the capability to block specific ads from appearing on the site if we see an ad we do not like.  Currently we are already blocking a number of oddball organizations from displaying on  If you are seeing an ad on that you think is inappropriate, let us know by emailing us at editors (at)  NOTE: It is our understanding that when Google decides what ads to display, it makes that determination not only on the basis of the content of our website, but also on the past search history a user has with Google.  So, if you are seeing questionable ads, it may be due to your past browsing history rather than our site content.

We are working to arrange for 100% completely direct advertising through groups like Beacon Ads and may be able to remove Google at that time.

I am offended by the content of a site you linked to.
We cannot control content on sites we link to, or  sites that that site links to.  That’s why the call it the web.

We’re a band.   Can we send you our demo CD?
Yes, but we may or may not be able to listen to it.  If you feel led to send it, feel free to do so.   However, understand we can’t return it nor can we respond to emails asking about it, as we simply receive more emails than we have resources to handle.  That said, most of the CD’s we review are provided to us by labels and artists, with some exceptions.  If you want to send us a CD, email us at editors (at)  Tell us about your band…where you go to church, what you believe, what your mission is, etc. and we will send you a mailing address.   The easiest way to get material to us is digitally via a download site like

Will you review my book?
Possibly, if it is a well written book, theologically mainstream and of a subject nature that we feel our audience would be interested in.  We do review a number of books, most of which publishers send to us.  We primarily publish reviews of books that we can recommend to our readers or books we believe they need to be aware of.   As with the music, contact us via email at editor (at) and we’ll send you a mailing address.  Or email us a galley in .pdf format.

Please send me Louie Giglio’s personal email address.  And Andy Stanley’s.  And (fill-in-the-blank)’s.
Sorry, we can’t do that to our friends.  However, most of our contributors and ministry friends have websites through which you can contact their ministries.  Their assistants are in a better position to determine who can have that information than we are.  And remember that many of them have resources already available at their websites that may answer your questions.

I heard a song on the radio last night that has the words “(fill-in-the-blank)” in it.  Please tell me who the artist and CD is.
uh….not enough information to answer the question.

Why do you have (fill-in-the-blank) on your site?  He/she is an emergent liberal Democrat and I don’t think he/she is much of a Christian.  I also think he/she is a semi-pelagian, antinomian, arminian heretic, and you must be one too or you would repent and remove every link to anything that links to anything this person ever said or was rumored to have implied. strives to make available theologically sound resources from friends and pastors who share our commitment to historical, apostolic, biblical truth and contemporary, progressive, biblical ministry.  Theologically, we are a ministry who is committed to the historical doctrines of the faith, and we do make every effort to provide teaching from those who do adhere to our statement of faith and do teach within the pale of orthodox Christian teaching.

Politically, we don’t discriminate on the basis of political views as long as the person believes in the sanctity of both human life and marriage and is not advocating anarchy, promoting violence, or planning to overthrow the country.  Actually, there may be other issues we would discriminate on but those are the ones that come immediately to mind.  There are legitimate differences of opinion as to the best methods for Christians to care for the poor, free the oppressed,  and take care of the sick while preaching the undiluted gospel.

Our site is targeted to those who are striving to successfully (and biblically) merge both a historical, sound theological foundation with a progressive, contemporary, missional application.   We certainly do not know everything there is to know about all of those who write or broadcast on this site.  When evaluating an author for publication, podcast, rebroadcast or commentary at, we take into consideration a number of factors, including:

  • Do we have a personal relationship with this person or someone close to this person who we trust who has expressed confidence in this person’s ministry?
  • Is this person accountable to a Bible-believing church in whose leadership we have good reason to trust?
  • Based on these two questions, and other information as well, do we have a preponderance of evidence to give this person the benefit of the doubt where their language may be vague or subject to multiple interpretations?

We don’t always get it right, but we try to get it right as much as possible without limiting the site to the writings of two or three people.  At times we have removed writers from when subsequent publications or statements from that author have revealed troubling theological views that are at odds with our statement of faith.  At other times, we have added authors into our stable when vague writing has been supplemented by more substantial theological writings or commentary.

At times we may add our endorsement to specific articles we publish, as our way of saying “amen” to the general point of a podcast, article or book.   However, remember that we do not agree with any contributor to on every single issue, nor is every perspective argued or presented in an article or podcast advocated.   Neither does every contributor agree with every other contributor.  The posts on this site are solely the thoughts, opinions and perspectives of the person originating the post or article.  Neither we nor our contributors endorse every opinion or organization posting on the website.

Similarly, while we may see value in various worship conferences and publications we mention, we do not endorse every artist, speaker or personality, nor every theological position held by every artist, speaker, or personality at every conference we mention, book we recommend, or site we link to.  We trust that while we apply a measure of due diligence and shepherding at, ultimately you need to filter what you hear and read through the word of God and reject that which does not conform with Scripture.  Remember, as has been said elsewhere:  whether it be through or any other website, book or media broadcast, you should always consider what you read or hear in light of God’s Word, which is the only final and infallible authority on all matters.

Why do you have (fill-in-the-blank) on your site?  He/she is a  fundamentalistic, conservative Republican and I don’t think he/she is much of a Christian.  I also think he/she is a legalistic, hyper-calvinistic theonomist/reconstructionist and therefore you must be one too.
See previous question and answer.

Why don’t you have anything on your website from (fill-in-the-blank)?
See previous question and answer. It is also possible their publisher does not allow them to republish here.  Or perhaps there is no question but that they teach a false gospel.  Or maybe we just don’t know about them.

Why do you sometimes have women writing at
Regardless of whether you hold to an egalitarian,  complementarian or heirarchial viewpoint on the roles of men and women in the church, please remember that we are not a church, nor are we affiliated with a specific church.  Thus, a woman writing for us is not the same as a woman preaching from the pulpit or holding an office in your church.  So, from time to time you may see commentary from teachers like Beth Moore, authors like Marva Dawn, or female worship leaders who have valuable insight into the topics we explore at

On page (fill-in-the-blank) on you (or a writer) said (fill-in-the-blank).  I disagree.  Please provide me with 15 Scriptures that support this and email me today telling me what your position is on (fill-in-the-blank) and what you think about (this, that and the other).  Please also reconcile statement “X” to Scripture “Y” using the (fill-in-the-blank or KJV) Bible version only.  Please respond in the next 5 minutes.
We don’t have time to get into verbal or email exchanges, theological discourses and dialogues over various doctrinal issues.  Feel free to send us your comments…we do read most of them if they are signed and not too lengthy, but we do not have resources to respond individually to each email challenge to debate and discuss.  Those who have serious questions about theology should go to or where you will be able to find clear, biblical answers to thousands of issues with a little research and diligence on your part, 97% of which we would probably agree with.

We’re not going to get into email or blogging debates over finer points of theology.  There are others we know and trust that we interface with who provide us with insight and accountability on theological issues.  We know that some think we are ultra-fundamentalists for holding to classic, Biblical, God-centered doctrine while others are convinced we compromise the faith and must not be regenerate since this site does not contain flashing gif animations of medeival shields and the five solas are not prominently displayed in 20 point type on every page of the website.

Can I send you my tithe money?  I enjoy the messages.
No.  Your tithe should go to your local church, not a website, TV preacher, podcaster, or home-based Bible study.  You may, however,  send us money above and beyond a tithe, but please be aware that currently it would not a tax-exempt contribution.  Also, don’t make these messages your sole source of Bible teaching.  You should use these only to supplement what you are already getting through membership and involvement in your local church body.   A life that is enthusiastically yearning to know more about God and grow in service to Him is honoring to God, and these broadcasts can help toward that end.  However, don’t become an island to yourself and your iPod.

Why do you feature CDs from freaky haired hippie-looking types?
Bad hair isn’t mentioned in the Bible, so it isn’t an issue for us.  Seems like a lot of musicians have bad hair.   The major difference we’ve noticed between traditional old-time gospel hour type musicians and contemporary podcast-EP musicians is that the bad hair of the former is fake and the bad hair of the latter is real.  Ok, sorry…bad joke.

Can I advertise at
Yes, maybe.  Contact Beacon Ads,  provided you adhere to our statement of faith and understand that we reserve the right to decline any advertising at our sole discretion.  Or you may be able to run a placement for a period of time through Google. Contact us here to arrange for a quote from Google. In other words, we may reject it on theological grounds, or we may reject it because we don’t think it will appeal to our readership.  But historically if the folks at Beacon approve it, we generally do as well.

We have investors behind us and would like to buy   How much? is not currently for sale, though if you have investors or a sizable organization behind you with considerable funding we can talk.

Can I get a sub-domain or email address at
We don’t currently offer email addresses, sub-domains –or hosting — at  It’s too easy for someone to screw up the SEO for everyone by posting nonsense.

Can I write for
We welcome submissions from qualified, talented writers.   We’ll be looking for articles and reviews on books, music, leading worship, and life/ministry in general.  There is no compensation other than byline, bio, and the satisfaction of knowing your article is available to a lot of eyeballs.  If you are a gifted, gracious, and knowledgeable writer and are interested in writing here. see our blog page.  Or, write to us at editors (at) and tell us about yourself, your church, and show us some writing samples.

Did people really ask all of these questions?
For the most part, yes.  We paraphrased some and blended others, but the sentiments are for real.