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We have investors behind us and would like to buy   How much? is not currently for sale, though if you have investors or a sizable organization behind you with considerable funding we might talk about a sale or lease. Please send us your proposal, including your offer and detailed information concerning your organization via certified mail at the address shown on the Internic registration.

Why do you have articles about things other than music or leading worship?
This site is about the idea that worship is more than music, that it is essentially a way of life.  Thus, worship is not just about what you sing, but how you live, what you think, what you long for, what you feel, what you believe, and who you are.  So we try to include information that goes beyond just the coolest new CD or band, and you’ll find articles about not just music, but about life, ministry, and theology.

I don’t like the ads on Google.
We don’t control what google displays on   The funding generated by Google helps temporarily support the website, although it does not cover the cost of publishing the site.   Use discretion when visiting a link from Google, just as you would when considering ads from publications such as Charisma, Christianity Today, Worship Leader or World Magazine.

We do have the capability to block specific ads from appearing on the site if we see an ad we do not like.  Currently we are already blocking a number of oddball organizations from displaying on  If you are seeing an ad on that you think is inappropriate, let us know by emailing us at editors (at)  NOTE: It is our understanding that when Google decides what ads to display, it makes that determination not only on the basis of the content of our website, but also on the past search history a user has with Google.  So, if you are seeing questionable ads, it may be due to factors other than our site content.

We are working to arrange for 100% completely direct advertising through groups like Beacon Ads and may be able to remove Google at that time.

Can I advertise at
Yes, maybe.  Contact Beacon Ads,  provided you adhere to our statement of faith and understand that we reserve the right to decline any advertising at our sole discretion.  Or you may be able to run a placement for a period of time through Google. Contact us here to arrange for a quote from Google. In other words, we may reject it on theological grounds, or we may reject it because we don’t think it will appeal to our readership.  But historically if the folks at Beacon approve it, we generally do as well.