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Contributing to

Posting Guidelines

  • Contributors should agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • General guidelines for posting frequency range from once a week to once a year.
  • Posts fall into 2 categories: Featured, non-featured
    • Featured posts are full-length posts, not excerpts or partial posts.  They cover a topic well and are probably a minimum of 4-5 paragraphs.  They appear on the Featured Slider on the main home page.  You can also post these on your own webpage or blog, and you retain ownership of copyrights.  These may also be distributed via Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media distribution channels we are connected to in addition to our RSS feed.
    • Non-featured posts can be full-length posts, or excerpts where you provide a key thought or two from an extended post on your own blog.  These will usually appear as regular posts under the respective category but not as a featured post; thus, it has a shorter shelf life than a featured post, but still a longer shelf life than a single post on the previous blog.  These posts generally will not be distributed outside of our RSS feed.
  • If you can post a photo or graphic, please do so.  Otherwise we’ll add one from stock if we can find one.
  • Remember most topics are relevant to living life as an act of worship.  We aren’t looking for posts arguing theological minors, attacking individuals or promoting specific denominations.
  • We aren’t looking for press releases.  However, a personal introduction to a new project, DC, song, or release is acceptable provided there is a value add to the reader.  We want this to be a win-win-win for everyone; the reader, the contributor, and
  • We’re not generally looking for youtube videos of songs you have written unless they have been gaining traction in conferences and churches where you are ministering.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any contributor’s access at any time, at our sole discretion.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to, please contact us via the form below and include the following info:

  • Link to your blog
  • Link to your church
  • Description of your role in your church
  • Link to your band (if applicable)
  • Link to sample writing
  • 2-3 paragraphs on why you desire to post here

We regret that we are unable to respond to every submission.

Please submit to “Editors” at this domain.