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Apr 14

Why is it Considered a “Good” Friday?

goodfridayBCOn the late Johnny Hart, author of the B.C. comic strip:

Dinosaurs, dictionaries, and dental floss. Pizzas, ‘prehistoric’ animals, and post offices … Evolutionists may not believe that all these existed alongside early humans, but that doesn’t stop multi–award–winning cartoonist Johnny Hart from putting them in his comic strip titled B.C., which is enjoyed by more than 100 million readers world-wide.

Johnny’s B.C. characters live in a world where dinosaurs rush to get ready for Noah’s Ark, where ‘primitive’ people give thanks to God before their meals, and where cave–men philosophers discuss creation and evolution.

Johnny can’t remember when he first introduced creation/evolution themes into his comic strips. But as a Bible–believer he doesn’t accept evolution.

‘I believe the Bible is the Word of God,’ he said, ‘and I see all the foolishness in evolution theory. The main thing of course is that evolutionists have never come up with one indisputable piece of evidence. The top one is the “missing link?”. Something is always missing. The absurdity of it all is beyond reason.’

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