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Jan 29 2015

Episode 1-21-15 | Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture) #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 1-21-15 | Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture) #WorshipTeamHangout: We all desire for the church to be caught up in the moment of worship. It’s amazing to see God changing lives and singing with one heart and one voice. But what happens through life when you leave the stage?

It’s more than just once a week on a Sunday, but a moment by moment worship to God. Leading a song is one thing, but leading worship from a life that’s changed is another. We respond to what God is doing in our hearts and translate this into our culture, but how?

Join us with Special Guest Justin Jarvis of Jesus Culture on our next Episode: 1-21-15, Wednesday Morning at 11am CST.

Also, we will share some encouragement and insight for Ministry as we walk together in this New Year of 2015.

#WorshipTeamHangout Episode 1-21-15 @ 11am CST
“Life Beyond the Stage” | Season II: A Life of Worship
Special Guest: Justin Jarvis (Jesus Culture)


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How is worship more than just the one-hour event?
What makes worship leading true and authentic?
How can we help move our churches from passive to active worship?

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