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Nov 29 2014

Episode 11-12-14 | Season II #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 11-12-14 | Season II #WorshipTeamHangout: Singing the Songs of the Church
With Special Guest: Mack Brock (Elevation Worship)

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs – this is how we are to speak to one another. However, there is a growing problem that leaves a question for our churches today: are we singing songs to entertain the church, or singing songs to help church?

Today, we are not short of new music; this is one of the best times for the Church. To every song, there is a story. It’s a melody to tell, share and hear. Worship is not just the singing, but it’s the way we live our lives unto God. It’s also a way of building up those in the church that are in spiritual need. What songs do we use to help comfort, what songs do we use to honor God together? The best story you can ever sing in your church is the one being written by God.

In this next episode of the #WorshipTeamHangout we will share our stories and hear from our special guest Mack Brock of Elevation Worship.

Questions for Conversation will be:

1 According to #Eph5.19, what does it mean to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs?

2 Why are songs of comfort so important and what do they also mean to God?

3 How are we to help people sing their prayers – what does this also look like for our worship teams?

Watch the New Worship Team Hangout:
“Singing the Songs of the Church"

Season II: A Life of Worship
Episode 11-12-14 @ 11am CST

LIVE on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 @ 11am CST

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