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Nov 22 2014

Episode 10-29-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 10-29-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout: "Worship Without The Mask" It goes beyond why some people don’t sing or don’t worship. Rather than hiding behind who we think we are, how do we live as the people God created us to be? What does it mean to be real? Just as important, how can we be transparent in our own lives and ministries?

Learn how to live life unmasked. Embrace how He truly loves you, so you can also learn how to love Him more and to help lead others to His love. How are we then to lead worship?

Watch the New Worship Team Hangout:
“Worship Without The Mask"

Season II: A Life of Worship
Episode 10-29-14 @ 11am CST

LIVE on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 11am CST

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