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Oct 17 2014

Episode 10-1-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout

Episode 10-1-14 | Season 2 #WorshipTeamHangout: Performancism: how do we turn back to the true worship of God?

Worship is not a performance…or is it? Music is both a gift and a tool to serve God and people in worship. But there are those that feel that the worship time is just another event or a performance. Where have we gone wrong; do we really believe that worship is for the praises of God, or for the scoreboard of man?

The issue is performance over reverence, and style over substance. It seems that there is a less of a focus on the singing of His people, and more of a focus on how the singer looks and sounds in front of people.

Anyone can perform a great piece of music and attribute that work unto God as a act of worship and praise. But when it comes to leading worship, where do we draw the line between what is merely performance and what is truly worship? Most of all, is what we do God honoring and edifying?

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