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Dec 30 2013

Free Download | All About Worship Collective 7

Free download until January 14, 2014:

allaboutworshipcollectiveAll About Worship Collective 7 is a free worship compilation. Collective 7 will only be available until January 14, 2014. We are pleased to partner with Centricity Music and Essential Worship in providing several of the songs on this album. Please note all signups will be subscribed to All About Worship, Centricity Music, and Essential Worship email lists. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Any donations (“tips”) made during download will go to help All About Worship continue to be a resource to worship leaders and songwriters around the globe.

Trinity Fellowship Worship, One Sonic society, Shelly E. Johnson, Vertical Church Band, Drew Ley, Centricity Worship, Sarah Reeves, Chris Olson, Ed Rotheram, BJ Putnam, Downhere, Sixteen Cities.

Free chord charts are available here.

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