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Aug 13 2013

What Are You Making Disciples of? – Jeff Vanderstelt

What Are You Making Disciples of? – Jeff Vanderstelt: Jeff Vanderstelt asks the question, "What are you making disciples of?"

He says, "I’m convinced we don’t have a disciple making problem at all. We have plenty people who are making disciples who make disciples. I live in a town where there’s plenty of boys that grow up without a dad and learn how to realize that men should not take responsibility of their home and so they go and repeat it and it’s gone to the second, third, and fourth generations. We have plenty of disciple makers. The question is, what are we making disciples of? That’s the question. You all are disciple makers, you will make disciples, you will make them to the second and third and fourth generation…It’s how God designed things to work. We learn from the imitation. We follow the example of other, we then repeat it and teach others to do the same."

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