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May 19 2013

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Speaks Out

One of America’s top rated television shows, Duck Dynasty features the Robertson family, founder of the Duck Commander Compay–a close-knit family who hunts, prays, works, and laughs together.  They recently chatted with Sports Spectrum Magazine about a variety of topics.

Take some time and “hang out” with the Robertson guys in a more serious discussion than what you see on the show.


On the change in the family when Phil came to faith in Jesus, and how the lack of respect of elders in America is contributing to its decline.

On producers wanting to imply the family members were using profanity, and initial efforts to cut out praying in name of Jesus.

On the need to be sure people hear the gospel, and the need to love the human race more than you fear them and their opinions

On evangelism as a result of the show, the uniqueness of a reality show based on a non-dysfunctional family, and the need to consider returning to old ways of community life

On marriage and sex

On fame and sin

On Family Values

Willie Robertson on Adoption

Willie Robertson on running a sports camp and leading Duck  Commander

Willie Robertson on working with baseball and country stars

Phil Robertson on football careers and Terry Bradshaw

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