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Mar 02

Hey Church Musician, You’re Leading Worship Too!

Stephen Miller (free download):

hymnsmillerThe “worship leader” is not the only one leading worship. Bass players… Keys players… Drummers… Guitarists… You’re leading worship too.

Because of the various religious and cultural backgrounds the people in our churches are coming from, the need for unapologetic demonstration of “all-in” worship from the platform becomes increasingly important. Many people are longing to express this type of worship, but are simply looking for permission. Others have been burned by disorderly displays of emotional hype and need to see this done in a genuine, authentic and helpful way. Still others have never had a point of reference for this and need to see it for themselves and be coached along.

No matter where our people are on the spectrum, it is imperative that everyone on the platform is putting forth every effort to serve and lead them.

Here are 3 simple ways to do this more effectively: Hey Church Musician, You’re Leading Worship Too! – Stephen Miller.

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