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Feb 20

Social Media, Digital Footprints, Reputations and Job Searches

Below are two presentations i delivered in the past on social media.

The first workshop was presented at a meeting of the Crossroads Career Network at CrossPoint Church in Duluth, Georgia on the topic of Social Media, Brand Management, and your Job Search. The second was presented at Brookwood High School, ranked one of America’s Best High Schools by Newsweek in 2012, and is entitled Using Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search. While there is overlap of material, the presentation at CrossPoint is geared for professionals coming from a faith-based background, and the Brookwood presentation is shorter, more entertaining and oriented towards young people from all walks of life.

Note the original presentations contained embedded videos which are lost when the presentations are digitized for the web.

  • How Social Media has impacted networking, and what you can do to stand out (in a positive way!)
  • Three things you need to know about Social Media
  • Why employers are checking the social media accounts of potential hires, what what they are looking for
  • What your social media footprint says about your character, personality and habits
  • Why you should assume you have no privacy
  • How social media is the new “first impression”
  • What “Digital Dirt” is and how employers, courts, and spouses are using it
  • How to use your social media presence to enhance your job search, not hinder it
  • Key Performance Indicators at work
  • How to use LinkedIn and social media to network your way into a job
  • Things you should never say on social media
  • How to use LinkedIn in your job search
  • The “Billboard Principle” of social media
  • How your facebook, twitter and social media accounts reveal your heart


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