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Feb 20

Introducing Lee Ellis

A number of years ago I became acquainted with a gentleman by the name of Lee Ellis.  40 years ago Lee was a POW in the Hanoi Hilton along with U.S. Senator John McCain and other men serving their country. Since returning home he has provided leadership and management consulting services to a wide variety of organizations.  Lee is President and founder of Leadership Freedom, a leadership and team development consulting and coaching company, and FreedomStar Media, a publishing company that provides leadership resources and training.

One of his specialties is helping people find their “sweet spot”–that place where one’s job description, goals and ambitions align with their personalities and passions, rather than someone else’s—a topic I have a personal passion for, having conducted seminars and training on that topics myself, as well as mentoring through a program called Intentional Living.  Lee has been involved in the development and deployment of several tools used to place people in the ideal role.

Lee is the author of two books. Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton is his most recent book.  In it Ellis shares his POW experience and the 14 leadership principles that helped him and his compatriots survive. Lee’s previous book, Leading Talents, Leading Teams: Aligning People, Passions and Positions for Maximum Performance, centers around building teams with the right mix of people.

Lee will be contributing leadership material in this space over the coming months.  I hope you’ll take the time to read them as they come through the pipeline.  Lee has experienced physical suffering to a degree most of us only read about in the history books and the Bible. It’s given him a unique perspective on people.  Whether you lead ministry teams at church or ministry teams in the marketplace, I think you’ll be helped and encouraged from his wisdom and experience both as a POW and as a management/leadership development expert.


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