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Dec 26

Prone to Wander

From Jon Acuff:

…a worship leader and I did end up discussing something I strongly disagreed with. (It wasn’t about ending sentences with prepositions. I clearly have no problem with that.)

The worship leader I talked to said when he performed “Come Thou Fount,” he changed the lyrics.

I love that hymn.

For years, I listened to the version Jadon Lavik did. My favorite verse, the one I found most encouraging, when things felt the darkest in my spiritual walk, was this one:

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,

prone to leave the God I love;

here’s my heart, O take and seal it,

seal it for thy courts above.

I would like to say that, when I became a Christian, I quit making mistakes. I quit sinning. I quit being “prone to wander,” but the truth is I still fail. More than I’d like to. And the beauty of that song and the honesty of that last verse meant a lot to me.

So what verse was the worship leader changing?

That one.

His argument? He wasn’t “prone to wander or prone to leave.”

At this point in the conversation, I realized he was not like me.

Or Peter.

Or David.

Or “That’s not my wife, that’s my sister!” Abraham.

He was changing the lyrics to something like, “Prone to worship, prone to praise.”

And I thought about changing them too. Only mine would probably be, “Prone to bolt out the door like a dog if I see it cracked open for but the briefest of seconds, Prone to need grace one thousand times, for the things I promised myself I’d never do again but still did. ”

via Why people think Christians are fake. (#3 in 2012) | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff.

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