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Nov 06 2012

Live Here+Now: New Worship CD from NorthPoint

New Worship CD from North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia:

North Point Live: Here + Now

1. Here and Now Intro (Live)     Jared Hamilton
2. Here and Now (Live)     Eddie Kirkland
3. Almighty God (Live)     Todd Fields and Candi Pearson Shelton
4. When the Waters Rise (Live)     Casey Darnell
5. Our First Love (Live)     Lizi Bailey
6. One Thing Remains (Live)     Ryan Stuart
7. Sacred Invitation (Live)     Seth Condrey
8. Glory to the King (Live)     Eddie Kirkland
9. Speak to Me (Live)     Todd Fields
10. Revelation Song (Live)     Candi Pearson Shelton
11. Beautiful Things (Live)     Eddie Kirkland and Lizi Bailey
12. Only You (Live)     Seth Condrey
13. Our Great God (Live)     Casey Darnell
14. You Alone (Live)     Seth Condrey

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