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May 09

If Only One Thing

“Have you ever felt about worship like Charlie Brown did at Christmas? You knew that everyone else seemed to get something out of it, but nothing about it made you happy, and you weren’t quite sure what it was all about. Could you use a Linus to help you out?

Our view of God directs our worship.  Downsize God and He becomes secondary to something else…Whether an emotional high, or being entertained.  But His train filled the temple, and there’s no room for anything else.”

Randy Pope, author and pastor of Perimeter Church explains that much of his pastoral frustration is rooted in the lack of understanding about worship prevalent among many Christians.  Find out why if he had only one message to ever be able to preach, it would be this one on the topic of worship.

What should 24/7 worship look like in your life, your family, and your Sunday morning worship experience?  40 minutes invested in watching or listening to this message on the topic of worship would be time well spent to help you understand what God has to say.

Incidentally, if you aren’t familiar with Perimeter Church, Grammy & Dove award winner Laura Story is one of several worship leaders on staff as was Aaron Shust several years ago.

If you prefer audio, you can download the MP3 for part one here and part two here, and the notes for part one here and part two here.

Isolated quotes from the message notes:

* Why do we come to worship and how do we determine if our worship is a good experience?

“People have the tendency to approach worship as consumers. The focus is on my
experience, sitting back with arms folded and saying to those leading worship, ‘Wow me.  Do something to grab my attention, catch my interest.’ They assume worship is like watching a movie; it’s something I critique afterward. — John Ortberg & Pam Howell:

Biblical worship services provide healthy environments for worship and feeding rather than environments for entertainment and self-help inspiration.

* Who should the target audience be during a worship service, and is it appropriate to have performers in a worship service?

It is functional blasphemy to stand in the place of God. God is the audience of worship. If we become the audience, it is blasphemy.

* What are the experiences a Christian should have during a time of worship?

1. “WOW” True worshippers experience a pondering of their Savior (adoration), see God’s prominence, perfection, praiseworthiness, power. (Isaiah 6:1-4)

2. SORRY – True worshippers experience a prostrating of self (confession). Isaiah 6:5
3. YEA – True worshippers experience a purging of sin (restoration). Isaiah 6:6-7
4. O.K. – True worshippers experience a professing of submission (submission). Isaiah 6:8

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