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Apr 08 2012

Can God Make a Rock So Heavy Even He Can’t Lift It?

Gospel-Driven Church:

The truth is that God did make a weight so heavy he couldn’t lift it. He did so not by building an immovable force — we did that with our sin — but by incarnating the frailty of humanity and willingly subjecting himself to the force. As one of us, yet still himself, he created the conundrum of the incarnate God, bearing a cross he both ordained yet could not carry by himself, becoming condemned in death and also victorious. And God was crushed according to the plan he himself projected from the foundation of the world.

So, can God make a rock so heavy even he can’t lift it?

Yes. And he did. For three days only. And then he drop kicked it out of the mouth of the tomb.

via The Gospel-Driven Church: Can God Make a Rock So Heavy Even He Can’t Lift It?.

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