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Mar 21

Scotty Smith Speaks to Worship Leaders about Worship

In the four videos posted below, Scotty Smith, Christ Community Church in Franklin, speaks on a Worship Team Training Video on topics including:

  • true worship wars–the wars of the heart
  • the worship lifestyle
  • aspects of the role of the lead worshipper as one who leads people to a sense of “gospel astonishment”
  • facebook and social media as it relates to true community
  • the problem of the “worship of worship” versus the worship of Jesus
  • the need for worship leaders to engage with the fellowship, not just perform a set and head to Starbucks
  • the need to reclaim quiet space among worship teams
  • worship culture vs. technology & automation
  • are we using cool technology in order to attract nonbelievers, or are we really just trying to keep up with the “Church of the First Buzz” down the street or across town?
  • are unbelievers looking for a specific type of music, or an authentic, loving community?
  • are we creating a generation dependent on entertainment or titillation rather than an authentic Christian experience?
  • the paradox: why do we work so hard to get the “latest and greatest” while also resisting change?
  • where do you see worship teams today?
  • leading worship in light of the coming new earth in eternity

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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