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Mar 12

Passion White Flag: A Fresh Sense of Gratefulness

Passion: White Flag releases today.  We’ve been listening to a pre-release copy now for at least a month and have not been disappointed.  We don’t think you will be either.

You’d think a record label/brand with a 10+ year history would eventually put out a dud.  Hasn’t happened yet.  And after this CD releases Tuesday, it still won’t have happened.  Like previous offerings, this project delivers a set of songs that bring the listener to a fresh sense of gratefulness for God and what He has done for those who belong to Him.

Some songs stand out to us.  “Jesus Son of God,” featuring Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels, praises God for who He is and what He has done.  “You laid down your perfect life, you are the sacrifice…. You are Jesus, Son of God.”  It’s an extended song, reinforcing through song what Jesus has done for us.  It’s a powerful song, followed by Nockels singing the reflective and reverent “Jesus How I Love You.

Christy Nockels really shines in this disc on other songs as well.  “You Revive Me” gets a lot of repeat plays on our iPod here, though our favorite on the entire CD might very well be Christy Nockels’ powerful anthem “Sing Along” that calls out to God for comfort on behalf of a hurting and needy world:

“Great God, wrap your arms around this world tonight, around the world tonight.  And when you hear our cries sing through the night and we will join in your song and sing along.”

There’s no shortage of loud, super-charged music that makes us want to turn up the volume and travel back in time to the Georgia Dome just three months ago when the recordings were first made.  “One Thing Remains” is one of those, a reminder that God’s love never fails or gives up on his children.

Its good to hear the distinctive sounds of the David Crowder Band one more time on “All This Glory.

Tomlin delivers his classic sound with the title track “White Flag” along with “Yahweh,” “The Only One,” and “No Turning Back.”

The recording includes Matt Redman and the assembly of worshipers singing “10,000.”  This tune was previously released by Matt Redman but this version adds the element of live worship with 45,000 worshipers.

Kristian Stanfill (“Not Ashamed“, “One Thing Remains“) and Charlie Hall (“Mystery“) also contribute to the project.  And Tomlin and Redman have a high-energy track together called “Lay Me Down.”

It’s no exaggeration to say there is not a single track on this recording not worth downloading and carrying with you.  Pick up or download your copy this week.

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