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Feb 02 2012

2012 National Prayer Breakfast

Today the annual National Prayer Breakfast took place in Washington, DC.

Past events have at times been politically-correct snoozefests, featuring various bipartisan commentaries,  a formal keynote message, and a presidential address in which the President (be they Democrat or Republican) delivers a religious message peppered with carefully calculated stories and name-dropping, all strategically selected by campaign consultants to pick up evangelical votes on behalf of whatever party holds the White House.

This breakfast was not noticeably different with regard to the latter component, as President Obama winsomely praised various religions, groups and ministries (including Billy Graham, and even the recent Passion event at the Georgia Dome at about the 1.20 minute mark).  But the keynote speaker, Eric Metaxas, broke with some past keynoters and provided a refreshing, entertaining and dead on message centered on the “phony religiosity” that Dietrich Bonhoeffer rejected in his quest for true worship and the true gospel.  His message is well worth listening to.   We’ve heard Metaxas speak before at our own home church, and have recommended his bestselling book Bonhoeffer here.  His speech starts at about the 35 minute mark.

As we always do during election season, we ask that you pray for the President, the Congress, and the upcoming elections; and if you’re an American, we encourage you to look beyond soundbites and slick marketing blitzes and instead prayerfully evaluate the records, positions, and character of all candidates on the 2012  ballot from U.S. President to local dogcatcher and to vote for candidates accordingly.

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