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Jan 10

The Problem with Moralistic Applicational Teaching

We’re not opposed to applicational teaching per’ se.  People need to know how God’s word impacts their lives.

But if we aren’t careful, in our quest to be relevant and appealing (and, frankly, to better sell our messages and products) we will invent applications that do not truly represent what God is really saying in a biblical narrative.  We’ve heard countless messages online pulling applications way out of the context of the Bible.  Maybe we’re lazy; maybe we’re pragmatic.   But sometimes the application of a scripture is really as basic as  “look how big and good God is; He can be trusted.”

Let’s not pull 5 leadership principles out of Jesus walking on the water and make them fit a 3 verse excerpt from the English language, ignoring the context of the narrative and the overall message of the entire Bible.  Jesus was God; that’s why he walked on water, and that’s why you can trust him.  That’s the message.  And that should be more comforting and applicational than any moralistic teaching stretched, morphed and wrapped over it.

Matt Chandler addresses this eloquently in this video, looking at a common misapplication of the story of David and Goliath.

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