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Jan 27 2012

Mainstream media talk news

A meteorologist laments inaccurate reporting on a recent storm in the Pacific, noting that as the mediums have exploded for information the quality of reporting has declined considerably:

Often stories in the mainstream media are written by non-journalists most colleges stopped having a journalism dept decades ago who study “Radio-TV” or “communications”, “media studies” or “broadcasting”. Often they are young and inexperienced with no expertise in the subject they are writing about. One young person is tasked with dashing out multiple stories for the wire, a web page, a blog and a station web page, i.e. over-worked, under-educated, under informed and inexperienced.

Often these stories are written by interns still in school!! The profession has changed. Very low wages, retirements and massive job cuts have gutted the media of real journalists and replaced them with cheap labor and non-specialists. Real journalists and a staff of expert fact-checkers cost money. Ombudsmen have been wiped out as an antiquated luxury i.e. ethics and facts eat into the bottom line while non specialist half-baked opinion givers do not. Things are “reported” by “reporters” who may not have investigated the facts first-hand, or they report things second or third hand without seeking verification or independent corroboration. A reporter may be a journalist, but most are just reporters.

Entertainment and getting more “eyes” and “ears” is the goal not substance. Old school journalism think Cronkite, Woodward and Bernstein etc. died 20+ years ago. Bad for democracy, the public and the field but great for maximizing profits. I speak as an insider. Watch the movie Broadcast News if you’ve never seen it for a docudrama-comedy.

Might the same be true of the mainstream Religion/Christian news channels? Or blogs?

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