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Jan 12

Christian Leadership & Christian Ministry LinkedIn Group Rules

Please review these Group Rules before joining and posting comments or discussions in the Christian Leadership & Christian Ministry LinkedIn Group.

Effective 1/28/2012 all Discussion Posts are moderated.  Posts may be delayed anywhere from 1-3 days…sometimes more, frequently less, depending on moderator’s travel and availability.

Please enjoy the opportunity to network with other members.  However, we do ask that you not post solicitations and ads in the Discussion Group or News Areas.  Regrettably, due to the past abuse of a few members, those who insist on violating this request will be removed from the group without warning.

Discussions should be focused on topics related to leadership of churches and ministries seeking to help people develop lives of worship.  This is NOT the place to discuss various aberrant facets of theology or to attack Christianity or the traditional, classic expression of the faith.  It is not the place to post generic Christian comments and thoughts and links, or to post your daily thought-of-the-day.

Discussions should be Christ honoring, non-libelous, and courteous.

If you are a spiritualist, hindu, muslim, atheist, buddhist, agnostic or proponent of some other non-Christian faith–or a religion of your own invention–this is probably not the best group for you and we do ask that you not proselytize.  Nor is this the place to debate or promote cults (e.g. mormonism, jehovahs witnesses) or distorted versions of Christianity (i.e. the “prosperity gospel”).

Again, please do not post solicitations for your businesses, or on topics unrelated to building up ministries and churches.

Posts that do not comply will not be published.  Repeat offenders will be removed from the group and blocked from rejoining.

Please flag comments that are disruptive or off-topic.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.

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