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Jan 11

Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio Talk About Growing Up Together

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church and Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church recall how they met in the 1970’s and share stories of God, mischief and first sermons in the first and third segments of this video.

Additional videos below contain additional insight and commentary from Louie, Andy and others on the influence of God on their lives as youths at the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, pastored by Andy’s father Dr. Charles Stanley.


Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio and others recall the power of prayer and the example set growing up.



Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, John Glover, Mary Gellerstedt, Dr. Charles Stanley and others recall the drama, conflict and threats surrounding Dr. Stanley’s controversial calling to First Baptist Atlanta in the 1970’s.


Charles Stanley, Louie Giglio and others recall the growth of the church in the 1980’s as people gave sacrificially to purchase properties in downtown Atlanta without going into debt.

God never looks for large crowds.  It’s never been his plan.  In fact, he always usually takes a large crowd and whittles it down to a small crowd before He does what He really wants to do. — Louie Giglio


Andy Stanley and others recall the growth of First Baptist Atlanta during the 1990’s: the addition of a new campus up north and the eventual complete relocation to new property.


Kay Arthur, Louie Giglio, Jerry Vines and others express gratefulness for the influence Dr. Charles Stanley has had on their lives.

There are fingerprints on all of our lives. No one is responsible for who they are alone. People shape us, and there are a handful of people who have shaped my life under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and Dr. Stanley is at the front of that line. And the imprint and the legacy that he has left…and if you look at my life and ministry you might not see the words “InTouch” or the word “Charles Stanley” but you see the fingerprint of a man of God who was faithful and believed in God. — Louie Giglio


Brief history on the historic Passion Play that ran in Atlanta for over 30 years, produced by the ministry at First Baptist Atlanta.

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