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Dec 30 2011

Stand to Reason Blog: The Five Most-Downloaded Podcasts of 2011

From Stand to Reason:

Continuing our year in review, here are the five podcasts of STR’s radio show with the highest number of downloads in 2011. Have you heard them yet?

5. August 21 – Odds and Ends / Four Reasons Not to Read the Bible Literally? (Part 1) / Four Reasons Not to Read the Bible Literally? (Part 2)

Questions from callers:

  • Is prayer language in tongues biblical?
  • How do the mind and body relate when we’re unconscious?
  • Is speaking in tongues necessary for salvation?
  • Responding to intellectual bullying in debate
  • How do we know when to take the Bible literally?
  • What is the context of Matthew 18?
  • How do we know how to apply the Bible’s teachings?
  • Do atheists have a belief about God?
  • Is Judaism evangelistic?
  • Why did God redeem humans and not angels?

4. April 17 – Leaving a Legacy for the Kingdom / Claims of Prophecy / Categorizing Morality

Questions from callers:

  • Is Christianity guilty of “God of the gaps”?
  • Were prophecies about Jesus added later to make it appear He fulfilled them?
  • Atheism can explain morality.
  • Ehrman’s claim that Jesus wouldn’t recognize Evangelical Christianity
  • Why object to homosexuals serving in the military when other military people sin, as well?
  • Do you ever use the Bible with non-Christians?
  • Is asking people to “invite Jesus into their heart” a corruption of the Gospel?
  • Considering the eternal consequences of error
  • How can you repair a bad witnessing situation?
  • Can someone be intellectually honest and reject the Gospel?

3. May 1 – The Meaning of Easter / Is Mormonism Christian? / Classical Christian Eductation

Questions from callers:

  • Hell doesn’t make sense.
  • The earth appears old but isn’t.
  • Sam Harris’ test for believing in God
  • How do you deal with disagreement in the church?
  • Was Judas saved?
  • What is the definition of faith?

2. May 15 – Spiritual Warfare: Truth Encounters / Sincerity Has Nothing to Do with Truth

Questions from callers:

  • Are charismatic gifts for today?
  • Moral relativism versus moral realism
  • Do apostles and prophets still exist today?
  • Salvation is a process, not an event.
  • What is spiritual death?
  • Can there be sin without the law?
  • Is Word of Faith theology heretical or heterodox?
  • What is the process of spiritual rebirth?
  • What do you make of Harold Camping’s claims? What do you think of rapture theology?
  • Christians misunderstand the Old Testament.
  • Are some sins more serious than others?

1. March 20 – Rob Bell and Martin Bashir / Do We Need to Be Rescued From God? / Clay Jones on the Problem of Evil and Destruction of the Canaanites

Questions answered:

  • Is Philippians 4:6-7 a formula for decision making?
  • Hell as a place of punishment
  • If God predestines, why should we pray for people’s salvation?
  • Should I expect a non-Christian to tolerate my Christian listening preferences?
  • The Bible isn’t up to 21st century historical standards, so why consider it reliable?
  • How can someone develop courage to witness when they don’t like confrontation?
  • Is it legitimate to interpret the “weeks” in the 70 Weeks prophecy as years?

via Stand to Reason Blog: The Five Most-Downloaded Podcasts of 2011.

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