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May 08

Free Download: God Be Merciful

Free download from CD Steadfast Make My Heart, a worship CD from the community of Christ Church of Berkeley and Rockridge.

Besides prayer, music is probably the oldest form of organized corporate worship. Throughout recorded history music has played a vital role in spiritual formation, not to mention a prominent role in societies in general.There is an obvious connection to an art that, unlike anything else, expresses deep emotional passions and actively engages the person or persons in those emotions.

Music either enhances one’s worship of God or it distracts. As with any art form, it becomes an idol that obstructs God’s view or a channel that guides our focus. We want our musicians at Christ Church to play in humility, but to play with excellence. As they are able to submit their gifts and passions before God, we as participants are able to celebrate God as the source of all goodness, beauty, and truth.

“It is my hope that this record can spark the question in some minds that brings them to further investigation. For others, it may intensity their already existing faith. It comes as a challenge, because music has been what I worshiped, and I must not confuse it with what it was created to do; honor and acknowledge something far greater than it could ever be.”– Jeff Rolka, Producer

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