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Apr 01

Whats Your Dream?

From OM:

Several years ago, at an international meeting of OM leaders, I was asked to interview, on stage, various leaders of the movement. Happily, I had the discretion to choose whomever I wanted, and so I chose those men and women that (a) weren’t the ‘default’ already-known figures who invariably end up on stage anyway, and (b) I personally wanted to get to know better. I had heard bits about some of them; others were ‘wild cards’ to add an element of surprise.

What would you ask such people that you have never or barely met? A little personal background, a triumph and a heartbreak in ministry in the past year, a peculiar way to live out the Gospel, and then—for some reason, usually a surprise to them—what their dream was for the coming year.

Today I no longer remember all but one of those interviews. I’m sure they were great people with interesting comments. Responding to the dream question, all but one spoke at some length of bold, long-range ministry strategies and the like. One did not, and his response haunts me to this day. It also gives me hope as I look at our movement with fear and trembling.

I asked Pavel, from the Czech Republic, “What’s your dream for the coming year?” In a heartbeat he replied, “That Jesus would return. In that same heartbeat, mine stopped. What do you say to that?

via Operation Mobilisation – OM – Blog – If you dream, go big or go home.

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