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Apr 20

Christianity, Football and the University of Georgia

From Red and Black:

There was no crowd waiting in the parking lot, no band sounding their arrival and only a handful of a fans trying not to stare. As quiet as the 100 or so late-comers tried to be at that Sunday service, the congregation found them difficult to ignore.

Orson Charles, one of the team’s devout Christians, kneels down to pray after scoring a touchdown against Arkansas in 2009. Charles said he looks forward to the team’s trip to church with Richt and other coaches during the fall camp.

Players recalled the scene as they followed Mark Richt off the bus. Walking into their head coach’s home church, they sported slacks and carried tattered Bibles instead of donning silver britches and football helmets. They scattered themselves throughout the pews, head and shoulders above their fellow churchgoers

This is a summer tradition. This is what it means to be a part of Georgia football.

Continue reading about the faith of Georgia football coach Mark Richt and the influence it has on the football team at  ‘LIVING IT’: Religion now a part of tradition for Georgia football team | The Red and Black.

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