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Apr 15

Laura Story – Blessings: Expressions of Godward Worship in Song


Known to many as the author of the classic song “Indescribable” made famous by Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio, gifted songwriter and worship leader Laura Story’s newest CD Blessings has been released and offers a slate of reassuring, theologically-grounded and insightful songs of praise and worship.

The title track Blessings was previously released and has been getting airplay since March.  It’s a powerful, well written song of tremendous encouragement that helps us remember that this world is not our home, and that sometimes the  trials of this life are in reality God’s mercies in disguise, and sometimes blessings come through disappointments, aches, tears, and sleepless nights.  It’s a heartfelt expression and acceptance that God’s ways are not our ways, and that prosperity in this life is not always the means God uses to bless his children.

The title track is not the only worthy song on the disc.  “This is the Day” is a catchy, upbeat song about rejoicing that you’ll find yourself singing days later.   “Prodigal Son” is a heartfelt plea from the father of the prodigal son and reminds us of the great love God the father has for his rebellious earthly children, while ” Friend of Sinners” reminds us of our need to reach out to the least among us just as God has reached out to us.

“One Life to Lose” expresses the need for us to lose our own way and say goodbye to our old life in order for God to find us and have his way with us.

“You are Love” is a remarkable song of praise directed to God that lists many of God’s attributes while thanking him for them, and is a fabulous song for personal and possibly corporate worship.  The same is true of “Your Name Will Be Praised” which offers similar praise to God while listing many of the blessings God provides.  “Faithful God,” a prayer thanking God for his deep, enduring love and grace, and “What a Savior” are equally moving and appropriate for times of personal worship.

“Remember” stirs us to remember how Jesus secured our great salvation and the horrible experience he suffered on our behalf and is especially appropriate for this Easter season.

Blessings is a collection of songs that take us to the cross and remind us of God’s goodness and his great love for his children, while also giving us a biblical perspective of what a “blessing” really looks like.  Beautifully written and sung, the Godward songs on this CD will encourage the faithful believer to remember God’s goodness, promises and provision of eternal blessings through both good times and bad.

Disclosure: was provided with an advance copy of this CD.

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